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Smithsonian Enterprises Product Submissions

Smithsonian Enterprises is the primary revenue-generating division of the Smithsonian whose purpose is to educate the public by making available for sale products and services related to the Smithsonian's mission which also generate substantial unrestricted income to fund a wide variety of activities that allow the Institution to serve the needs of the American public, including exhibitions, educational programs, festivals and nationwide outreach activities.

Relatedness to the Smithsonian and the mission of the museums. Items must reflect the mission of the Smithsonian, generally through a relationship to subjects covered by the Smithsonian's collections. You can learn more about the Smithsonian's collections at

Product assortment needs. Customer demand, current market trends, and our existing product mix are all taken into account when reviewing new products.

Sales potential. Revenue potential and profit margins are evaluated.

Quality and value. Product quality, cost, retail value for comparable products, and minimum order quantities are all considered.

Production capacity. Vendors must be able to meet expectations in terms of order quantity and timing. This is a critical selection factor.

To submit products for consideration, please fill out the form below. Only forms completed in full will be submitted for review.

Part 1 - Contact Information


Part 2 - Product Information

(mass, limited release,etc.)
Have you worked with the Smithsonian in the Past?


(objects must be related to the Smithsonian collection in order to be considered.)

(for vendors with multiple product offerings, please list item name, style number, wholesale cost, minimum order and production capacity below)

In order to reduce the risk of e-mail spam, we ask for you to enter the appropriate words in the


We will use your information to communicate with you about your product submission and to notify you if your product has been selected. We may share your product information with management officials within the Museums or throughout other Smithsonian organizations as part of our product review process. If your product is not selected, your information will be kept on file for future consideration. Thank you for your interest.