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Smithsonian Kids

Begin your Smithsonian adventure by visiting some of the websites below.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Kids’ Favorites »
Check out fun stuff to explore and do online!
Smithsonian Students »
A place for Kids to explore discover and learn!
Visiting the Smithsonian »
See all there is to do when you visit one of the museums or the National Zoo!

Fun stuff to see and do online! Visit Encyclopedia Smithsonian for more.

AnimalCams »

You can take a virtual visit to the National Zoo any day of the week by tuning into our live web cams, which feature many of the Zoo's animals.

Q?rius »

Activities designed for teens and tweens to explore the connections between nature, the planet, the universe, and our lives.

Disaster Detector »

Help cities predict and prepare for natural disasters in this online game or app.

Prehistoric Climate Change »

In this interactive, you too can "read the tree leaves" and tell how high the temperatures rose.

Air and Space Museum
Activities »

Learn by doing! Online activities test your knowledge and demonstrate the principles of aviation and spaceflight.

Lemelson Center »

Learn about invention and innovation. Want to be inventive at home? Try your hand at these fun activities!

Expedition: Insects »

Learn about giant deadly hornets, gorgeous fluttering butterflies, and stealthy crawling stink bugs in this interactive e-book.

BumperDucks »

These ducks need your help! Help them reach tasty treats across the pond, but watch out for obstacles!

Space Scoop »

Bringing news from across the Universe to children all around the world. Universe Awareness and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Meet our People »

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Smithsonian expert? Watch our videos and find out!

American History Kids »

Explore fun things to do at home, online, and when you visit!

The American Presidency: A Glorious BurdenĀ»

Learn about the nation's highest office.

Meet Me at Midnight »

After a field trip to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, you are magically taken to the galleries at night!

Postal Museum Activity Zone »

The National Postal Museum's website offers a variety of online activities for kids of all ages!

Shutterbugs »

Follow Ada, the zookeeper, and be on the lookout for animals that are swimming, running, wiggling, and stomping.

Weather Lab »

What happens when ocean currents and air masses interact? Find out in Weather Lab!

Showbiz Safari »

Lights! Camera! Action! Our movie director needs your help! Help Walrus pick actors based on the traits that best fit the movie role.