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The Prints of Louis Lozowick
November 5, 1982 – April 10, 1983

Enjoy 70 lithographs and wood engravings by the 20th-century American artist.

American Art Museum
From the Life of the Artist: A Documentary View of David Smith
November 4, 1982 – January 16, 1983

This exhibition, organized by the Smithsonian Archives of American Art, includes photographs, sketches, and letters from the David Smith Papers of the Archives.

Hirshhorn Museum
David Smith: Painter, Sculptor, Draftsman
November 4, 1982 – January 16, 1983

See 163 works including sculpture, paintings, drawings, etchings, photographs, and ceramics spanning Smith's 35-year career. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Devil Dance Masks of Sri Lanka
November 3, 1982 – September 20, 1984

See approximately 30 masks used in the Devil Dance of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), including three exceptionally large masks. 

Natural History Museum
Contemporary Paintings from Pakistan
November 1, 1982 – January 2, 1983

View 43 paintings, mostly oil on canvas, by 9 women and 14 men, a cross-section of Pakistani art.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Royal Gifts from the Kingdom of Thailand Royal Gifts from the Kingdom of Thailand
November 1, 1982 – July 31, 1983

View 15 exquisitely crafted gifts from Thai monarchs to the United States and to U.S. presidents  from 1856 to the present.

Natural History Museum
Music & Dance of the Silk Route from the People's Republic of China
November 1, 1982 – November 14, 1982

See musical instruments from China, including some which were gifts from China for the U.S. Centennial celebration in 1876. 

Natural History Museum
Rochester Folk Art
November 1, 1982 – January 2, 1983

Admire and purchase objects created by members of the Rochester Folk Art Guild of New York, including musical instruments, turned bowls, toys and games, hats and vests, scarves, porcelain and stoneware teapots and containers, and one-of-a-kind glass bowls, vases, and paperweights.

Renwick Gallery
Animation, Walter Lantz and Woody Woodpecker
November 1, 1982 – March 31, 1983

Admire the original art work from the first film in which Woody Woodpecker appeared, a 1942 "Andy Panda" cartoon.

American History Museum
"Patterns": Eleanor Roosevelt
November 1, 1982 – December 31, 1982

Photographs and objects are used to contrast Eleanor Roosevelt's life at the Roosevelt home in Hyde Park with her later life of growing independence at the stone cottage of Val-Kill.  

American History Museum
Charles Willson Peale and His World
October 29, 1982 – January 2, 1983

Celebrate the achievements of this 18th-century Renaissance man, as artist, natural scientist, and inventor through paintings, natural history specimens, and inventions.

Portrait Gallery
African Emblems of Status
October 27, 1982 – April 3, 1983

This exhibition of 205 objects presents the variety of forms, materials and kinds of art objects created to identify, honor, and celebrate individuals of status and achievement.

African Art Museum
From the New World and Other Images (Caroline Thorington)
October 23, 1982 – December 19, 1982

Visit approximately 50 etchings and lithographs by Caroline Thorington of Washington, D.C., including mammals, birds, and plants of the U.S., Panama, and Venezuela, as well as other parts of the world.

Natural History Museum
The Italians and the Creation of America
October 12, 1982 – July 31, 1983

Investigate 79 old books, maps, and supplementary materials from the late 13th through the early 19th century on Columbus and other Italian explorers.  

American History Museum
To Dream of Fair Women
October 1, 1982 – March 1, 1984

Admire 20 paintings of women in the romantically beautiful styles of turn-of-the-century artists Thomas Wilmer Dewing, James McNeill Whistler, and Abbott Handerson Thayer. Also on view are two ceramic vessels from Pewabic Pottery by Mary Chase Stratton in Detroit; their colorful, irridescent glazes echo the rich surfaces of the paintings.

Freer Gallery
Nastaliq Calligraphy
October 1, 1982 – January 22, 1984

See 12 examples of elegant Islamic script, developed at the turn of the 15th century and used for all literary imperial manuscripts. Several pieces are signed by the most celebrated artists of the Islamic world.

Freer Gallery
Japanese and Chinese Lacquer
October 1, 1982 – June 30, 1983

View approximately 60 examples of lacquer containers, utensils, and furniture from China and Japan, incorporating such techniques as monochrome, carved and colored lacquer, and Japanese decoration in silver and gold.

Freer Gallery
Chinese Art of the Warring States Period: Change and Continuity, 480-222 B.C.
October 1, 1982 – February 15, 1983

See 151 examples of jade ornaments, lacquerware, bronze vessels and fittings, and other metalwork inlaid with gold and silver designs. Many of the objects have been re-dated, re-evaluated, or can be understood more fully because of new knowledge resulting from recent archaeological findings in the People's Republic of China.

Freer Gallery
Boxed In: Japanese Ceramics and Their Storage Boxes
October 1, 1982 – February 14, 1983

View 27 works from the Edo period (1616-1686), including teaware and other ceramic objects as well as the lacquer and wooden containers specially created for their safekeeping.

Freer Gallery
October 1, 1982 – November 28, 1982

See a small smoked glass sculpture created in 1969 by Robert Fritz of San Jose State College in California. Dr. Fritz has made important contributions to the techniques of glass blowing.

Renwick Gallery

Results: 4547 items
Items Per Page: