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Provincetown Printers/A Woodcut Tradition
September 9, 1983 – January 8, 1984

Examine 75 color woodcuts by artists who used a technique developed in the Massachusetts art colony during the early part of the 20th century.

American Art Museum
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
September 3, 1983 – November 27, 1983

Commemorating the bicentennial of the Treaty of Paris, view portraits of the American, British, French, and Spanish "peacemakers" who were involved in the signing of the treaty, which marked the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War.

Portrait Gallery
Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School
August 30, 1983 – December 31, 1983

See how Wright worked and how his style developed during the first 40 years of his long and productive career in these original drawings, related prints, photographs, and objects.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
March on Washington
August 20, 1983 – September 5, 1983

Commerate the twentieth anniversary of the March on Washington, August 28, 1963, through the artifacts in this exhibit.  

American History Museum
The King of Siam Presentation Set and the 1804 Silver Dollar
August 11, 1983 – February 9, 1984

An 1804 silver dollar and an 1804 gold eagle (a $10 denomination), two rarities among many, are in this set of nine U.S. coins on loan from a private collector.

American History Museum
A Permanent Record of India: The Photographs of Bourne & Shepherd
August 5, 1983 – November 30, 1983

See 19 photographs selected from a 19th-century catalog by Bourne and Shepherd Co. that include ethnological and scenic subjects and portray the British influence of the 1860s and 1870s in India as well as Afghanistan, Burma, and Nepal. 

Natural History Museum
Special Installation: Paul Manship (1885-1966)
August 4, 1983 – June 24, 1984

See a representative selection of the American artist's work from the NMAA permanent collection. Manship (1885-1966) enjoyed greater celebrity than any other American sculptor of his time.

American Art Museum
A Penny Saved: Architecture in Cast Iron Toy Banks
August 2, 1983 – October 23, 1983

Take in nearly 100 examples of toy banks in architectural shapes, most fashioned by American craftsmen between 1870 and 1940.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Works on Paper
August 1, 1983 – September 30, 1983

See works on paper from the HMSG collection. 

Hirshhorn Museum
M*A*S*H: Binding Up the Wounds
July 30, 1983 – February 3, 1985

See sets from the television program known as the Operating Room and "the Swamp." Props and memorabilia from the program are supplemented by fan letters.

American History Museum
Photography and Architecture: 1839-1939
July 26, 1983 – October 16, 1983

View more than 170 photographs that chronicle aspects of the history of architecture through photography, and, conversely, the history of photography as shown in architectural records.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Wethersfield Meteorites
July 22, 1983 – October 30, 1983

View two celebrated meteorites that fell in the same town, Wethersfield, Connecticut, eleven years apart.  

Natural History Museum
The Woodworker
July 9, 1983 – September 1, 1983

See 27 tools loaned by members of the Early American Industries Association. 

American History Museum
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney: Artist and Patron (1875-1942)
July 8, 1983 – November 27, 1983

See a small exhibition that includes photographs, papers, letters and personal notebooks documenting the art patron's support of American artists-- support which culminated in the creation of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Portrait Gallery
Scandinavian Modern 1880-1980
July 8, 1983 – October 10, 1983

Document the history of Scandinavian design during the last century with more than 330 works--furniture, ceramics, glass, metalwork, and textiles--from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Renwick Gallery
Crafts from Maine
July 7, 1983 – October 2, 1983

Admire and purchase jewelry, utilitarian ceramics, and textiles.

Renwick Gallery
Japanese Portraiture
July 2, 1983 – April 1, 1984

Visit a selection of 18 portraits and imaginary portraits by Japanese painters of the 13th to 19th centuries.

Freer Gallery
Japanese Porcelain
July 2, 1983 – March 11, 1984

See 33 examples of white ceramics, reserved for summer use, that were produced at Arita, Japan's great porcelain center from the 17th through the 19th century.

Freer Gallery
The Art of Louis Paul Jonas
July 2, 1983 – August 28, 1983

View 75 wildlife miniatures by Jonas (1894-1971), who was one of the nation's foremost animal sculptors and taxidermists. 

Natural History Museum
Charles Bremner Hogg Jackson
June 24, 1983 – September 12, 1983

Visit highlights from the diverse and numerous objects in the estate of C. Bremner Hogg Jackson, a leading collector.  

American History Museum

Results: 4547 items
Items Per Page: