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Ming Dynasty Calligraphy and Painting
February 8, 1985 – September 2, 1985

View 25 hand and hanging scrolls executed by 40 artists of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) that present comparisons between calligraphy and painting.

Freer Gallery
Edison Papers
February 8, 1985 – April 8, 1985

View inventions, notebooks, and graphics marking publication of the first portion of the Edison papers on microfilm.  

American History Museum
The Preservation of the Wright Flyer
February 8, 1985 – June 13, 1985

The Wright brothers' Flyer, usually on view in Milestones of Flight, is being restored, in the first extensive work to be done on the Flyer since Orville Wright prepared it for exhibition in 1916.

Air and Space Museum
Chinese Gold and Silver from the Tang Dynasty
February 5, 1985 – April 21, 1985

See more than 70 masterworks, selected from American collections, created between 618 and 907 A.D., a "Golden Age" marked by growth and prosperity and the opening of China's doors to the outside world.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Conservation of Modern Art
February 2, 1985 – March 31, 1985

See 17 modern works from the collection, including paintings, works on paper, and sculpture, which have undergone conservation treatments. 

Hirshhorn Museum
A Temple Playground: Nepal Photographs by Heidi Larson
February 1, 1985 – March 13, 1985

See some 20 black-and-white photographs of Nepal, where Larson recently worked with UNICEF.  

Natural History Museum
Fabled Cloth: Batik from Java's North Coast
January 29, 1985 – April 28, 1985

See approximately 60 batiks dating from about 1850 through the 1940s that illustrate the international influences on this traditional Indonesian art form.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Fanfare, Part III (19th- and 20th-Century Fans)
January 25, 1985 – July 21, 1985

View 30 19th- and 20th-century fans from the NMAA collection, including examples of Chinese Export, hand screens, lace, and painted styles. This is the final segment of a 3-part exhibition.

Renwick Gallery
From the Hand of Mani: Iranian Paintings from the Freer
January 19, 1985 – April 28, 1985

See 32 pages representing the Freer's finest Iranian manuscripts that show the development of an Iranian idiom in manuscript painting between the 14th and 16th centuries.

Freer Gallery
'Peace and Friendship': Indian Peace Medal in the United States
January 18, 1985 – April 21, 1985

View 86 medals that trace their use as essential instruments of U.S. policy and as a notable facet of American portraiture.

Portrait Gallery
Shrimps & Crabs Living in Marine Caves of Oceanic Islands
January 16, 1985 – July 14, 1987

Featuring the scientific work of Drs. Ray Manning and C. Willard Hart, these fifteen photographs depict research and exploration of submerged caves. 

Natural History Museum
1905 - 1985: 80 Years of Aerospace History
January 16, 1985 – June 30, 1985

See 10 photographs portraying great events in aerospace history, including the flight of the 1st seaplane, the 1st spacewalk (by a Russian), and the 1stAmerican spacewalk.

Air and Space Museum
Sharing Traditions: Five Black Artists in 19th-Century America
January 15, 1985 – April 7, 1985

Visit 49 oil paintings and sculptures by artists who contributed significantly to the mainstream of American art.

American Art Museum
Birds of Galapagos Islands: Traditional Watercolors by Lee Mark Steadman
January 11, 1985 – March 10, 1985

Admire some 30 watercolor illustrations and field sketches of birds of land, shore, and sea. 

Natural History Museum
Spanning Niagara: The International Bridges, 1848-1862
January 11, 1985 – May 14, 1985

Included are over 73 photographs, engravings, and other graphic representations of the more than a dozen bridges that have spanned the Niagara River from 1848 to the present. 

American History Museum
Affordable Frills
January 10, 1985 – April 28, 1985

Admire and purchase jewelry created by 20 contemporary American craftsmen -- necklaces, pins, and earrings made of silk, plastic, glass, titanium, ceramic, and silver.

Renwick Gallery
Views of a Vanishing Frontier (Karl Bodmer Indian Watercolors)
January 4, 1985 – March 31, 1985

This exhibition commemorates the 150th anniversary of the expedition conducted by the German naturalist Prince Maximilian and Swiss artist Karl Bodmer, who explored the relatively undisturbed but rapidly changing Western frontier. 

Natural History Museum
American Pilots' Association: 100 Years
January 1, 1985 – March 31, 1985

This exhibition marks the centennial of the American Pilots' Association, a trade association of licensed marine pilots.  

American History Museum
A Constellation of Black Sports Stars
January 1, 1985 – April 18, 1985

See memorabilia and artifacts from prominent black athletes, along with baseball, football, and basketball cards.  

American History Museum
Presentation Swords
January 1, 1985 – April 7, 1985

See approximately 18 swords,dating from the early 19th century to World War II, many of which belonged to prominent military officers. 

American History Museum

Results: 4660 items
Items Per Page: