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Our Cup of Tea: Contemporary Crafted Teapots, Cups and Spoons
August 29, 1985 – October 20, 1985

Admire and purchase works by 30 potters from across the country -- some decorative rather than functional, and in styles ranging from traditional to funky.

Renwick Gallery
Women on Time
August 17, 1985 – December 14, 1986

See original art for some 20 Time magazine cover portraits in an exhibition that includes women as disparate as comedian Lily Tomlin and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Portrait Gallery
Nature's Forms, Nature's Forces: The Art of Alexander Hogue
August 16, 1985 – November 3, 1985

The 35 paintings and works on paper examine Hogue's central theme -- the relationship of nature and natural processes to man.

American Art Museum
History as Seen from the National Museum of American History
August 9, 1985 – December 1, 1985

View some 55 photographs that capture current events near the Museum in 1984 and early 1985.  

American History Museum
Building the Bomb: Forty Years After Hiroshima (Case of the Month)
August 6, 1985 – November 7, 1985

Study some 45 photographs, drawings, documents, and artifacts that illustrate the development of the atomic bomb under the Manhattan Project, the decision to use it in the war, and the destructive effects on Japan.

American History Museum
Igbo Arts: Community and Cosmos
July 31, 1985 – October 14, 1985

View the diversity of art styles among the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria illustrated by more than 100 objects in this exhibition.

African Art Museum
Japanese Theater in the Edo Period
July 26, 1985 – October 14, 1985

See Kabuki and puppet theater performances that are the subjects of many of these paintings on hanging scrolls, hand-scrolls, screens, and wood-block prints, all of the Edo period (1615-1868).

Freer Gallery
Prints and Drawings of the Sixties
July 24, 1985 – November 30, 1985

See some 35 works, many of them reflecting movements of the 60s, including Pop Art. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Industrial Design: An American Case History (Singer Sewing Machine)
July 24, 1985 – September 29, 1985

See sewing machines, models, and other selections from the collection of Industrial Design drawings donated to MAH by Singer.   

American History Museum
Second Great International Paper Airplane Contest Winners
July 24, 1985 – November 4, 1986

See the 40 winning entries in the Second Great International Paper Airplane Contest sponsored by NASM, Science 85 and Seattle's Museum of Flight, along with the paper airplane flown by Senator Jake Garn on a recent space shuttle mission.

Air and Space Museum
U.S. Grant: The Man and the Image
July 23, 1985 – November 11, 1985

This small commemorative exhibition traces Grant's rise to world-wide fame as a Civil War general and President of the U.S.

Portrait Gallery
Prize-winning Race Car Driven by Richard Petty
July 3, 1985 – February 6, 1996

This 1984 Pontiac, in which Petty won his 200th race, is a recent gift to the MAH Division of Transportation from its owner Mike Curb. 

American History Museum
Reptiles from India
July 1, 1985 – August 31, 1985

See the Tokay gecko, gharial, king cobra, Indian pond turtle, Indian rat snake, purple-spotted pit viper, leopard gecko, star tortoise, Indian python, sand boas, and Indian cobras.

National Zoo
Benjamin Franklin and the Colonial Posts
July 1, 1985 – December 3, 1985

See 13 examples documenting Benjamin Franklin's career as Postmaster General of Philadelphia, and later as Deputy Postmaster of North America, and his influences in improving mail schedules and mail service.  

American History Museum
Living Marine Ecosystems: The Maine Coast
June 28, 1985 – October 3, 1999

The North Atlantic counterpart to the popular Living Coral Reef exhibition displays the varied plant and animal life of the rocky shoreline, the mud flats, the salt marshes, and the intertidal waters of Maine. 

Natural History Museum
Space Tools
June 21, 1985 – November 30, 1985

Visit a small exhibition featuring tools used in space missions.

Air and Space Museum
The Martha Jackson Memorial Collection
June 21, 1985 – September 15, 1985

Discover 66 works selected from the 127 paintings, sculptures and works on paper given to NMAA by David Anderson in honor of his mother, Martha Jackson, who was best-known for encouraging abstract expressionist artists.

American Art Museum
Gifts of Mother Earth: Ceramics in the Zuni Tradition
June 14, 1985 – October 31, 1986

See some 85 examples of traditional Zuni pottery selected primarily from the Stevenson Collection of NMNH.  

Natural History Museum
Pilgrim William Bradford's Silver Wine Cup
June 14, 1985 – June 1, 1988

A rare 350-year-old wine cup once owned by William Bradford has been acquired jointly by the Smithsonian Institution and the Pilgrim Society of Plymouth, Mass.

American History Museum
The Woven and Graphic Art of Anni Albers
June 12, 1985 – January 5, 1986

Celebrate the creativity of this German-born emigre with 106 works divided almost equally between her textiles and works on paper.

Renwick Gallery

Results: 4651 items
Items Per Page: