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Northwest Coast Indian Masks
November 1, 1986 – May 25, 2004

Displayed are 16 masks carved by Pacific Northwest Indians, once worn by shamans and other dancers. 

Natural History Museum
South and Southeast Asian Art
November 1, 1986 – September 5, 1988

View 11 sculptures in stone and bronze and 5 paintings representing Buddhist and Hindu gods.

Freer Gallery
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS)
November 1, 1986 – May 15, 1997

See a full-scale model of this state-of-the-art tracking satellite, which has provided support to the space shuttle, Spacelab, and Landsat.

Air and Space Museum
Which Side Are You On?: Organized Labor History in America
October 24, 1986 – August 10, 1987

View artifacts highlighting the history of the labor movement in America, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the American Federation of Labor (AFL).

American History Museum
James Rosenquist: Paintings, 1961-1986
October 23, 1986 – January 11, 1987

Rosenquist's works are large in scale and precise in technique, bringing together familiar images removed from their normal contexts to provide a commentary on contemporary American culture. These 45 paintings were executed from 1961 to 1985.

American Art Museum
Russia, the Land, the People: Russian Painting 1850-1910
October 17, 1986 – January 5, 1987

View 62 paintings with landscapes, genre and religious scenes, and portraits with predominant topics and themes, on loan from the USSR.

Renwick Gallery
Toys for All Ages
October 9, 1986 – January 4, 1987

Admire and purchase a variety of toys for children and adults, including dolls, wooden puzzles, and kaleidoscopes.

Renwick Gallery
Expeditionary Airfield System (Portable Airport)
October 1, 1986 – Closed

See sections of aluminum matting used as a runway that is part of a portable expeditionary airfield system developed by the U.S. Marine Corps in the 1950s, and used extensively during the 1960s in Vietnam.

Air and Space Museum
Recent Acquisition
October 1, 1986 – November 2, 1986

See Panorama, 11/26/84, a photograph by Lucas Samaras.

American Art Museum
Nota Bene (Annotated Books for the Dibner Library 10th Anniversary)
October 1, 1986 – December 31, 1986

This exhibition takes it's name from the annotator's practice of writing "NB" or "nota bene" (Latin for "note well") in the margins of books.

American History Museum
Milestones: 50 Years of Goods and Services
September 23, 1986 – January 4, 1987

Investigate 50 important categories of consumer products and services introduced during the past half century, selected to indicate their impact on society, including items for health and medication, leisure and entertainment, fashion and personal care, and others.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Lunda Hoyle Gill: Oil Paintings of the People of China
September 19, 1986 – November 9, 1986

See 50 portraits and sketches of ethnic minorities in the People's Republic of China, by the California-born artist.  

Natural History Museum
100th Anniversary of Count Gianni Caproni
September 12, 1986 – August 10, 1987

Commemorate the birth of this leader in Italian aviation, who designed Italy's 1st successful aircraft, and see his 1911 wood-and-fabric monoplane, the Caproni CA-9, used in Italy for passenger and military transport.

Air and Space Museum
Unknown Territory: Photography by Ray Metzker
September 12, 1986 – November 23, 1986

View 190 photographs in a retrospective exhibition that chronicles Metzker's art over the past 25 years.

American Art Museum
Ariane and Arianespace: International Launch Resources
September 8, 1986 – May 15, 1997

See a model of the European Space Agency's Ariane rocket, an expendable launch vehicle that has placed into orbit satellites for weather, observation, communications, and space science.

Air and Space Museum
Hollywood: Legend and Reality
September 5, 1986 – October 12, 1986

Explore the development of the motion picture industry in Hollywood and the impact of movies on American culture represented by props, costumes, and artifacts from well-known movies, artists and photographers.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Still Lifes by Henry Lee McFee
September 5, 1986 – December 7, 1986

See approximately 28 paintings and one drawing by Henry Lee McFee (1886-1953)

American Art Museum
The Consumer Movement in America: Citizen Action in the Marketplace
September 5, 1986 – August 16, 1987

This exhibit focuses on consumer protests and the development of consumer unions. 

American History Museum
September 1, 1986 – July 1, 1987

Discover the reasons so many animals are endangered in this 6-part interactive exhibition located at different places throughout the Zoo.

National Zoo
Naval Aviation Art
August 29, 1986 – Closed

Observe 16 works commemorating the 75-year history of naval aviation.

Organized by the U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland.

Air and Space Museum

Results: 4651 items
Items Per Page: