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Underground Images: School of Visual Arts Subway Posters, 1947-1987 (SVA)
July 28, 1987 – November 8, 1987

View approximately 40 posters commemorating the 40th anniversary of the School of Visual Arts (SVA), the country's largest art school.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Art Nouveau Bing: The Paris Style 1900
July 21, 1987 – October 11, 1987

See some 200 prints, posters, decorative art objects, and furniture are used to explore the international influence of Siegfried Bing (1838-1905), one of the earliest supporters of Art Nouveau.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Art and Archaeology of Ancient Syria: Ebla to Damacus
July 10, 1987 – January 3, 1988

See some 280 examples of statuary, pottery, mosaics, jewelry, ivory carvings, wall paintings, and other artifacts, illustrating the cultural history of Syria from 8000 B.C. to the flourishing of medieval Islamic civilization. 

Natural History Museum
John La Farge
July 10, 1987 – October 12, 1987

This major retrospective offers 111 works of painting, graphics, and stained glass, which document American John La Farge's interest in many of the most forward-looking aspects of French art.

American Art Museum
Lollipops and Launch Pads: Children's Space Art
July 2, 1987 – November 22, 1987

See how kindergarten children from Orange County, California schools view space exploration through drawings and paintings.

Air and Space Museum
America's Space Truck: The Space Shuttle
July 2, 1987 – May 15, 1997

Trace the history of the space shuttle program's 24 missions through photographs and models.

Air and Space Museum
Arnold Newman Photographs Artists
July 1, 1987 – September 27, 1987

See 31 photographs of some of this century's best-known American and European artists in their studios or at work, taken by Newman between 1940 and 1961. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Official Images: New Deal Photographs
July 1, 1987 – February 11, 1988

This exhibition explores the U.S. government's use of documentary photographs in the 1930s to inform people about government programs. 

American History Museum
Smithsonian Institution Libraries Book Conservation Laboratory: A Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
July 1, 1987 – September 30, 1987

This exhibition focuses on the restoration and conservation treatments required to preserve and maintain the rare and valuable items in the Smithsonian Institution Libraries' Special Collections. 

American History Museum
Robert Adam and Kedleston:The Making of a Neo-Classical Masterpiece
June 30, 1987 – September 20, 1987

Study some 80 architectural drawings by Robert Adam, Michael Henry Spang, William Collins, and others.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Dan Dailey: Glass, 1972-1987
June 26, 1987 – October 25, 1987

Admire 42 vases, sculptures, lamps, wall reliefs, tripod assemblies, and distorted vessels as well as 9 related drawings by the artist, who works with hardened plate glass and blown glass.

Renwick Gallery
Superman: Many Lives, Many Worlds
June 24, 1987 – September 1, 1988

The exhibition depicts the comic book superhero as a hero of popular culture, illustrated through various forms of the media from 1938 to the present.  

American History Museum
Into the Sunlit Splendor: The Art of William S. Phillips
June 19, 1987 – January 31, 1988

See 40 paintings and drawings by the contemporary artist, from WWII airplanes to the Space Shuttle, and the landscapes surrounding them.

Air and Space Museum
Safe and Secure: Keys and Locks
June 9, 1987 – October 18, 1987

Discover some 225 pieces, including embellished locks and keys, and a chronology of key and lock development and use, styles and symbolism.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Cavemen: The Art of Charles Knight
June 4, 1987 – August 31, 1987

View more than 100 works by the artist, spanning the entire prehistoric world, from ancient marine life to early reptiles, dinosaurs, Ice Age mammals, and early man. 

Natural History Museum
Dinosaurs, Past and Present
June 4, 1987 – August 31, 1987

Enjoy 150 paintings, sculptures, and models by past and contemporary artists, the most comprehensive exhibition of dinosaur art ever assembled.  

Natural History Museum
The Fishes of the Mississippi River
June 1, 1987 – August 30, 1988

Visit the fishes of the Mississippi River - paddlefish, bowfin, short-nosed gar, shovel-nose sturgeon, large-mouth bass, sunfish, flat-head catfish, and others.

National Zoo
June 1, 1987 – March 30, 1991

This exhibition  or four rare instruments commemorates the 250th anniversary of the death of Italian violin-maker Antonio Stradivari. 

American History Museum
American Violin Makers Before 1930: The Inspiration of Stradivari
June 1, 1987 – August 23, 1987

This exhibition shows how the craft of violin-making developed in the United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries through a combination of European immigration and skill and American ingenuity and spirit.  

American History Museum
Portraits from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
May 30, 1987 – September 20, 1987

Come visit 24 selected portraits and related memorabilia from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters in New York City.

Portrait Gallery

Results: 4651 items
Items Per Page: