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Eadweard Muybridge and Contemporary American Photography
June 28, 1991 – September 8, 1991

See over 70 photographs from Animal Locomotion and The Attitudes of Animals in Motion series, including an interactive video disc and approximately 40 contemporary photographs.

American Art Museum
Kaleidoscope: African American Photography in Washington
June 22, 1991 – November 3, 1991

See an exhibition of the work of over 30 local black photographers, including Addison and Robert Scurlock, Robert McNeill, Sharon Farmer, and Matthew Lewis

Anacostia Community Museum
Directions: Adrian Piper: What It's Like, What It Is #2
June 19, 1991 – September 22, 1991

Racism, self-investigation, self-transformation, race, and gender confront the viewer in this installation by this Boston-based artist.

Hirshhorn Museum
The Works of the 1990 Presidential Scholars in the Arts: Visual Arts and Writing
June 17, 1991 – July 7, 1991

This exhibition features the works of the Presidential Scholars, a group of graduating high school seniors recognized for their academic and artistic achievements.

Portrait Gallery
Awards in the Visual Arts 10
June 12, 1991 – September 2, 1991

Launching a national tour at the Hirshhorn, this exhibition includes the work of 10 artists from across the United States. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Crushed Lapis and Burnished Gold: The Art of Illumination
June 9, 1991 – December 8, 1991

View approximately 30 manuscripts, individual folios, and book covers from the Henri Vever Collection of Islamic arts of the Koran, along with examples of the illuminator's tools and materials.

Sackler Gallery
Africa Illustrated: Fantasy and Reality Before 1900
June 5, 1991 – November 10, 1991

See early history, ethnology, and travel books on Africa containing illustrations that reflected and shaped European perceptions of the continent between the 17th and 19th centuries.

African Art Museum
June 3, 1991 – July 7, 1991

Engage in a video/audio installation to explore African/Diaspora symbolic language, including religious icons, African drumming, and scenes of everyday life.

Arts and Industries
Camp Logan
June 1, 1991 – June 30, 1991

See reproductions of historical documents and photographs on the Houston Riot and Court Marital of 1917, involving members of the 24th Infantry regiment stationed at Camp Logan in Houston, Texas.

Anacostia Community Museum
Economic Uses of Marine Algae
June 1, 1991 – September 30, 1991

Visit a case that displays the everyday uses of marine algae in edible and household products. 

Natural History Museum
Court Arts of Indonesia
May 19, 1991 – September 2, 1991

See more than 150 works from the 8th to the 20th century reflect the traditions of the royal court of Indonesia.

Sackler Gallery
1991 Discover Graphics
May 18, 1991 – August 18, 1991

See 60 winning graphics from the eighth annual juried exhibition by Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia high-school artists.

Ripley Center
CUBA-USA: The First Generation--In Search of Freedom
May 18, 1991 – August 11, 1991

See 3 Cuban artists explore some aspects of religion and religious heritage in sculpture, combining traditional imagery with the primal forces of nature and pre-technological societies.

American Art Museum
Art of the Cosmic Age
May 15, 1991 – January 6, 1992

Enjoy approximately 70 paintings, prints, and sculptures in a collaborative exhibition by Western and Soviet space artists.

Air and Space Museum
Vietnam Vets Memorial: A National Experience
May 14, 1991 – September 30, 1991

See photographs of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Ripley Center
Group Portrait: The First American Avant-Garde
May 10, 1991 – October 27, 1991

An exhibition of more than 70 works of art focuses on the American avant-garde movement brought on by the legendary personalities of Alfred Stieglitz, Marcel Duchamp, Gertrude Stein, and Ezra Pound.

Portrait Gallery
Recent Acquisitions (1991-1992)
May 9, 1991 – July 12, 1992

See paintings, sculpture, photographs, prints, and drawings of notable Americans acquired by the gallery during the past year, including images of George Washington, Thomas Paine, Fritz Kreisler, Theodore Dreiser, Will Rogers, and George Balanchine.

Portrait Gallery
Picasso Linocuts from the Museum's Collection
May 8, 1991 – November 11, 1991

Some 25 linocuts from 1962-63, including nudes, heads, and still-lifes, show Picasso's use of the linoleum-block printmaking medium. 

Hirshhorn Museum
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1911-1991
May 1, 1991 – December 31, 1991

Commemorating the speedway's 75th race, the exhibit includes 2 racing cars that compiled outstanding records during the speedway's 80-year history. 

American History Museum
Annie Leibovitz Photographs 1970-1990
April 19, 1991 – August 11, 1991

This is the premiere showing of a touring exhibition of more than 80 photographs of such popular figures as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Mohammed Ali, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles.

Portrait Gallery

Results: 4660 items
Items Per Page: