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Joseph Kosuth Works
October 1, 1992 – January 25, 1993

This American artist (b. 1945), noted for his fusion of text and environment, incorporates "found" texts from Kafka's Parables, the International Herald Tribune, and other sources in his site-specific installation.  

Hirshhorn Museum
The Kids Bridge
September 30, 1992 – March 1, 1993

Visit a hands-on interactive exhibition from the Children's Museum of Boston which allows kids to explore issues about identity, ethnicity, race, and racism.

Arts and Industries
American Crafts: The Nation's Collection
September 25, 1992 – January 24, 1993

In celebration of the 20th anniversary, visit a gallerywide installation of 130 major craft objects showing the scope and prominence of the collection.

Renwick Gallery
Albert Paley: Studies for the Renwick Gallery's Portal Gallery
September 25, 1992 – January 10, 1993

View 8 drawings related to the creation of the gallery's signature Portal Gates, crafted by Albert Paley.

Renwick Gallery
Directions: Tim Rollins and K.O.S.: Animal Farm
September 17, 1992 – December 6, 1992

See a 9 x 40-foot mural with animated caricatures of world leaders in a barnyard created by artist-teacher Tim Rollins.

Hirshhorn Museum
"The Spirit of Party": Hamilton and Jefferson at Odds
September 11, 1992 – February 15, 1993

The personal and political differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are explored in this exhibition.

Portrait Gallery
Images and Inspirations: Oral Histories of Our People
September 4, 1992 – October 2, 1992

Students from Duke Ellington School of the Arts explore oral histories of the role models in their lives.  

American History Museum
American Women in War
September 1, 1992 – February 1, 1993

Visit a showcase exhibit about the involvement of American women in U.S. military activities.  

American History Museum
Diverse Concepts
August 9, 1992 – September 27, 1992

View watercolors, oils, and mixed-media collage by artists from communities east of the Anacostia River that are featured in this exhibition organized by Tomorrow's World Art Center of Washington, D.C.

Anacostia Community Museum
Ancient Japan
August 9, 1992 – November 1, 1992

Visit 250 objects in stone, clay, wood, bone, lacquer, bronze, and gold--dating from as early as 200,000 B.C. through the 7th century A.D.--that present the evolution of early Japanese culture and provide insight into the status of archeology in Japan today.

Sackler Gallery
Elephant Ivory
August 4, 1992 – January 10, 1993

A showcase exhibit explores the use of ivory and its effect on the world elephant population.  

American History Museum
Fringe of the Diaspora: The Jews of Wyoming
August 4, 1992 – October 25, 1992

A photo essay by Penny Wolin documents the experience of the Jewish community in Wyoming. 

American History Museum
Behind Bars
August 4, 1992 – October 25, 1992

Photographs by Grace L. Wojda portray prison life at the Lebanon Correctional Institution.  

American History Museum
Heritage Gardens: African American and Native American
August 1, 1992 – November 1, 2010

On view are living examples of plants used by Native Americans and African Americans for food and medicines.

National Zoo
Noble Heritage: Five Centuries of Portraits from the Hosokawa Family
July 24, 1992 – November 29, 1992

Family portraits from the 14th to the 19th centuries and significant associative objects document this family's important role in Japanese history.

Portrait Gallery
Helen Levitt
July 17, 1992 – October 18, 1992

Approximately 85 photographs of children, games, graffiti, and chalk drawings created from the 1930s through the 1980s by one of the major masters of American 20th-century photography are complemented by a 16-minute film, by the artist, titled In the Street.

American Art Museum
Ralph Eugene Meatyard: An American Visionary
July 17, 1992 – October 18, 1992

Approximately 100 photographic works focus on the bizarre and mysterious that Meatyard experienced in everyday life in Lexington, Kentucky.

American Art Museum
Recent Acquisitions (1992)
July 16, 1992 – December 14, 1992

Visit portraits of notable Americans--selected from the images recently acquired during the past few years by the National Portrait Gallery--include Buckminster Fuller, John Singleton Copley, Fiorello LaGuardia, Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, and Boris Karloff.

Portrait Gallery
Drawings by Craft Artists
June 26, 1992 – March 21, 1993

View an exhibition of 12 drawings by 6 craft artists known to audiences primarily for their remarkable 3-dimensional works in clay, fiber, and glass.

Renwick Gallery
American Encounters
June 24, 1992 – July 6, 2004

The arrival of Columbus in the Americas in 1492 touched of a series of encounters between Native Americans, Europeans, Africans, and Asians that continues to this day.

American History Museum

Results: 4651 items
Items Per Page: